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Curwen Primary School


Spring 2 Update

‘People and places that help us’

This term the children have been very busy learning all about the people who help them in their local community such as firefighters, police, paramedics and doctors. We asked the children to make vehicle models with their families to bring to school and share with the peers and teachers. The children focussed on emergency service vehicles. Well done parents and children!

We learnt all about how our teachers help us at school. We remembered the name of our nursery and drew the teachers, explaining how they help us and why we like them.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year the children took part in a Lion Workshop. We learnt that the drum represented the heartbeat of the lion and we tried to keep the in rhythm with the cymbals. The children even got the chance to dress as the Chinese lion and walk around the hall. This was very exciting!











There was snow in March and although it was extremely cold it was a new experience for the children. It was the first time some of the children had ever experienced snow, they explored the ice, talked about what happened to the snow and the exciting things they did in the snow.

Although nursery had enjoyed their own traditional tale open morning last term, we joined the school with celebrating the rescheduled World Book Day. We visited the library, talked about our favourite books and who we were dressed up as.

PM nursery children visited the Unicorn Theatre to watch “Seesaw”. It was their very first visit on a coach out of Curwen. We saw lots of London sites on the way and the children were able to listen carefully to the performance.

The term was drawing to an end with one of the most eventful weeks of the year! The nursery children were about to experience their first International Week. It was jammed packed with Mini-World, fashion shows, cultural stories and lots of learning about the world, including countries and flags. They even learnt how to say hello in a variety of languages. To end the week all the nursery children joined together to dance and celebrate in the Curwen carnival! We made masks and wings to explore movement through the song Beautiful Creatures from Rio 2. The children were able to glide, sway, swing and shake their body imagining they were the birds of the world.

Finally, we ended with an Easter Bonnet Parade the children all took part and shared their Easter bonnets with the peers and teachers. The children’s confidence in parading their different bonnets was exquisite.

Well done Nursery to a fantastic end of the spring term. Have a wonderful Easter break and we look forward to what the summer term will bring.