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Curwen Primary School


Summer 2 Update

This has been an exhilarating term. We have been learning all about growing and looking closely at how things change. We grew our own beans, watched the chicks hatch and visited the London Aquarium. We even got to see the Tower of London and the London Eye on our coach trip. It has been an exciting term. Outside in our nursery garden we created our own garden centre and talked about our favourite vegetables during show and tell. We learnt all about different life cycles, looking at how things change and what happens. We learnt about frogs, butterflies and chicks.

Summer 2 was another amazing term and what a way to finish the year. We have been extremely busy learning all about animals and their habitats.

We started the term with looking after our nursery caterpillars and watching daily how they got bigger and bigger until they wrapped themselves up into cocoons. We released the butterflies outside and watched them fly away to go and lay more eggs.

After visiting London Aquarium last term we got to see a variety of sea creatures and then created our own habitats. These were all fantastic and will be show casing these at our summer concert.

We continued to learn all about different animals and where they live looking at polar ice, the jungle, and safari, woodland and under the sea. We got to learn about what different animals eat and what they sound like.

We all got to join in with a jungle workshop and went on our own safari finding different animals and even catching a crocodile.  

Family week was full of excitement. It began with Ark farm followed by Sports day, teddy bears picnic and finishing with our favourite event, messy play. There were lots of other brilliant activities throughout the week which we went to with our families.

Then if that all wasn’t enough the children developed their exploration skills to follow a map to the local park and then used a checklist to search for a variety of natural objects in the park. All our parents joined us and our siblings too. It was great fun.


This week is our EYFS Summer concert, we hope you like it!