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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 2 Update

This term has been very eventful; we have been learning lots about ourselves and our families. We performed an assembly and our first nativity for our parents to come and watch this was very exciting. Our assembly was all about Diwali, the festival of lights. We shared the story about Rama and Sita, explaining how this festival is celebrated by millions of Hindus and Sikhs across the world. We made own very own Diva lamps.

We drew our very own self-portraits, looking closely at our facial features. This can be found on display in KS1. The families shared their family photos for the children to talk about who was in their family and what they enjoy doing together. We drew our family and shared these with our friends. We liked listening to one another and looking at our drawings.

We started show and tell where the children can talk about their favourite things. They shared their favourite toys, jumper, hats, shoes, crisps and book. Everyone had lots of different things which they liked the best. Our friends and teachers asked us questions about our favourite things.

Finally at the end of term we performed our First Nativity, we did this with Reception. It was very special being in the big hall and having so many parents, family and friends coming to watch. We learnt the Christmas story through magic words and learnt lots of new songs and actions. We even got to make our own costume and keep it.

Nursery had their Christmas party and a special visitor. They all pulled their crackers and played party games with their friends.


Autumn 2 has been incredibly busy and the Nursery team have enjoyed seeing the children grow in confidence. We are looking forward to 2019 and welcoming new friends into Nursery.