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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 1 Update

The start of a new academic year and the Nursery children are really getting 'into the groove'.

They are all exploring the environment and beginning to find those special friendships. We have been learning new songs/nursery rhymes, exploring our bodies and faces as well as finding ways to move our bodies to the music. The children are recognising routines and know where to find the toilets and snack table. They are even remembering the adult’s names.

It is fantastic to see children beginning to play alongside one another and listening for story time. We have introduced stories such as Oh no Joe, Nelly paints a monster, Brown Bear Brown Bear and Polar Bear Polar Bear.

The children are beginning to negotiate space and make choices independently in their play. They are now able to say good morning to the nursery team and goodbye to their parents. The children are happy during their time in nursery and building their confidence to explore new activities.

It has been a great start to the autumn term.

Well done Nursery!