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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 2 Update

This term has been incredibly busy for our Nursery children. We have been learning ‘all about me’. We painted our self-portraits, looking closely at our facial features. Our families gave our key workers our family photos and we shared these with our friends. We talked about where we were in the photo and what we were doing. We then used the big interactive whiteboard to draw our families. All our amazing work can be found in our special books.

It is really important to learn how special everyone is and what makes us special. We are becoming more familiar with our Nursery environment as well as the school, starting our weekly trips to the Curwen library. We get to choose our own book to read at home.

We performed an assembly and our first nativity for our parents to come and watch this made us nervous but we got to smile and wave to the people we knew. Our assembly was all about Guru Nanak, we celebrated his birthday.  

We started show and tell where we talked about our favourite things. We shared our favourite toys, jumper, shoes and book. Everyone had lots of different things which they liked the best. Our friends and teachers asked us questions about our favourite things.


Then it was our big outcome and we performed our First Nativity in the main hall with Reception. It was very special being in the big hall and having so many parents, family and friends coming to watch. We learnt the Christmas story through I spy and sang lots of songs.

 Nursery performed their first assembly for our Parents/Carers. We talked about all that we had learnt about Guru Nanak and the Sikh religion. We also learnt about other religions that were special to us. Our parents were asked to come and watch our assembly so we could show how we have settled into Nursery. In our assembly we discussed Guru Nanak, The 5 K's and also learnt about our different teachers religions. Most importantly we learnt to listen and respect others.

Our parents could stay and play with us, here we had fun making birthday cakes with shaving foam, we created candles out of play dough, counted candles for the cakes, made cakes in the home corner, decorated biscuits, wrapped presents and we moved our body to different music. Our Parents could stay and join in and share with the fun, learning experience we have at Nursery. It was great to see everyone attend and the children enjoyed showing their parents their new learning and friends in Nursery.

Autumn 2 has been full of lots of learning and the Nursery team have enjoyed seeing the children grow in confidence and resilience. We are looking forward to 2020 and welcoming new friends into Nursery in January.