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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 2

Maths, understanding the world and much more.

Maths in Nursery

In Nursery the children play lots of games which help the children learn.  We were playing a number game which helped them to recognise the numbers, shapes and pictures.  

Understanding the World

In Nursery we celebrated Guru Nanak’s birthday.  We looked at the 5 K’s and how there are lots of different teachers in the world.  We had the chance to perform to our parents and sing lots of songs.

Christmas in Nursery

We also celebrated Christmas.  We performed the Nativity and sang lots of songs about Christmas.  Our parents came to watch us and they had fun singing along and watching us perform. 

Physical Development in Nursery

It is important to learn how to use scissors and in nursery we have lots of opportunities to use them.  We enjoy cutting big sheets of paper and snipping the paper.  Can you recognise the shapes we have cut out?

Writing in Nursery

In Nursery we are beginning to write letters using the correct letter formation.  We know it is important to use the correct pencil grip and to hold the pencil using ‘crocodile fingers’.