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Curwen Primary School


Nursery Termly update & photos

February 2023

  • Spring 2023

    Published 01/02/23, by Hana Mehmet

    The Spring 1 term has flown by with lots of new stories for the children to listen to and learn. This term our theme is “Stories for us.” We have been exploring our reading area and have enjoyed visiting Curwen library. Next term we will be visiting Plaistow Library with our parents.  The children have discovered new stories and rhymes; they have been identifying the pictures and the writing in a range of reading materials.  We have been introducing and modelling new vocabulary for the children and transferring this into their play when acting out the stories or visiting our Gingerbread café outside.

    The children have enjoyed sharing their favourite story book during Show and Tell and have learnt new words and phrases, such as front cover, back cover, pages, author and title. Children have been very busy using their imagination and role-playing pretending to be their favourite characters particularly the Big Bad Wolf. The children have work individually and together to build houses and settings for the characters using different media and materials.












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