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Curwen Primary School


Nursery Termly update & photos

July 2023

  • Summer 2

    Published 21/07/23, by Hana Mehmet

    Summer 2- The world around us

    Understanding the World

    The children are all familiar with the world around them in Nursery. They can now confidently explore the environment and will try new activities. They are able to identify their family and engage with their friends. We have introduced the children different life cycles, animals and their habitats.  We have learnt new vocabulary: explore, animals, dead/alive, habitats, seasons, sea, land, planet earth. We have been answering questions to support their understanding: Where do I go to school? Where do I live? Where do the animals live? Where do you go with your family? What is the weather?

    The children and families visited London Aquarium, their travelling by coach and were able to spot lots of different London landmarks. 

    We had a visit from Arc Farm. There were lots of animals which we got to observe and touch. There was a friendly dog wondering around the playground. Children are beginning to understand the need to respect and care for the natural environment and all living things.

    Children have explored different areas in the school using pictorial maps. They understand that maps hold information. We followed the dots and pictures and discovered the big school and the amazing Curwen red bus. Children were in awe of pretending to drive and sit behind the wheel!

     Nursery Sports Day

    Nursery had a fantastic day throwing, catching, jumping, running and balancing in our Sports Day in the big playground. A big thank you to all the families who came to support us and cheer us on!




    Families sent in their bean stalk photos and children loved looking at them, showing how tall they have grown and how they have changed from seed to a big bean stalk; showing curiosity about numbers, developing counting skills to find how many leaves the plants have. Children are beginning to remember and talk about signi´Čücant events in their own experiences and recognise special times in their lives.


    Communication Language and Literacy

    We are going on a bear hunt has encourage children to continue talking about feelings. Children are beginning to sequence the main events in a familiar story, looking at the settings and characters.

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar story has encouraged children to explore colour and colour mixing in order to paint their own caterpillars, cocoons and butteries. Children have discovered how the caterpillar changed and grew up just like themselves.



    We have had a great year in Nursery and very excited about going to Reception or staying another year in Nursery.

    Have a fantastic summer break!!


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