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Curwen Primary School


Reception Termly update & photos

Blog for the Reception Class

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  • Autumn 1 Update

    Published 28/09/18, by Nazmin Choudhury
    The children have settled in well within their new classes and have made lots of friends during their first half term in Reception. We all enjoy coming to school and learning something new each day! Our first topic has been about “Ourselves&rdq
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  • Summer 2 Update

    Published 11/07/18, by Nazmin Choudhury
    This Summer term our topic has been ‘Growth’ and ‘Journeys’ we have been exploring many things about growing. We explored animals and their young, human growth and how plants grow. We also took a trip to Marsh farm and had a l
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  • Spring 2 Update¬†

    Published 27/03/18, by Noori Khanom
    This term our topic has been 'Traditional Tales' and we have been busy sharing many stories with our children. We shared the story 'The Three Little Pigs' and then discussed the different materials that would be appropriate when build
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  • Spring 1 Update

    Published 06/02/18, by Noori Khanom
    This term our topic is 'People in our Community' we have had many visitors come to talk to us about their jobs. At the beginning of the term, we had Sandra come and talk to us about all the jobs she does in the office and the children were ab
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  • Autumn 2

    Published 05/01/18, by Noori Khanom
    We have been learning about ‘Celebrations’. There are lots of different Celebrations which are special to people. We went on a trip to West Ham Parish Church, we started off from school and walked all the way to the church. We
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  • Autumn 1

    Published 01/11/17, by Matthew Gowdy

    Our first topic, self portrtaits and learning about Harvest

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  • Summer Update

    Published 14/06/17, by Matthew Gowdy

    Drama, Marsh Farm and our Growth topic

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  • Spring Update

    Published 03/03/17, by Noori Khanom

    What we learnt in Reception in the Spring Term so far

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  • Autumn update

    Published 18/11/16, by Matthew Gowdy

    Learning about celebratons, West Ham Church and Art lessons

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  • Summer update

    Published 03/09/16, by Matthew Gowdy

    Reception in the summer term

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  • Spring update

    Published 18/05/16, by Matthew Gowdy

    People in our local enviroment,  International week and Marsh farm.

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  • Autumn 2

    Published 07/12/15, by Matthew Gowdy

    Celebrations, first nativity and Enabling Enterprise

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  • Autumn 1

    Published 26/09/15, by Matthew Gowdy

    Learning about ourselves

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