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Curwen Primary School


Spring Update

What we learnt in Reception in the Spring Term so far

We learnt all about ‘People in our local environment’ and how they help us. We had lots of visitors that came to see us and talk about their job and responsibilities. It was interesting to hear all about the different things they do, the uniform they wear, where they work and how they help us.







A bus driver, a train driver and a fireman visited us and shared their role in our community. All the children had the opportunity to have a go using the hose and sitting inside the fire truck. We had a fantastic time!










We recognised that we need to look after our environment and talked about how to be safe when outside. We took a visit to West Ham Park and looked at natural objects and our local environment. We met the park keeper called Hamish, he showed us all the equipment he uses in his job.









On the way home we met some police officers in our community. They helped us cross the road safely. At school we explored the materials and used them to create some leaf printing and collages.