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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 2


We have had an amazing second term in Reception. Our topic this term is ‘People and Places’ and we have been learning about different people in our community. We have learnt about different celebrations such as Diwali, Guru Nanak’s birthday, Hanukkah and Christmas. We have used our communication and language skills to discuss who celebrates these and what they do to celebrate. For example, during our Diwali lesson we used our innovative skills to create our own divas. Further to this, we also got to go on our first trip to the church, where we had fun looking for different features and artefacts.


In Literacy, we have been super busy this term through exploring and creating our own marks using a range of different media and materials. In particular, this term we have explored a range of styles of marking making in our outdoor learning through using water and thick and thin paint brushes, paint and chalk. We have also continued to develop our listening skills and listened to a range of stories but in particular the author Floella Benjamin who wrote the story ‘Coming to England.’ This story showcased hope, courage and determination.


This term in maths, we have been looking at numbers from 5 to 9 and learning how to recognise the numbers, write them and count objects. We have also looked at size, positional language, capacity, length and weight and how to measure and compare items. We have developed our communication and language skills through using the vocabulary we have learnt in the maths lessons during child initiated play to describe our toys. Here are some of our quotes, “my tower is taller than yours,” “this bucket is full and now it’s empty,” “can you help me carry this box? it’s too heavy for me.” We are looking forward to all the new skills and learning to come in maths this year!