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Curwen Primary School


Spring 2


This term we have been busy using our various reading skills to explore our new topic which is ‘Our World.’ We also used our questioning skills to explore our topic to enable us to investigate and explore this concept better. We have been asking who, what and why questions to allow us to find out more about ‘Our World’, including questions on the solar system, our planet and the different habitats across the world. We have also been busy learning all about different countries for international week. We have been using mark-making skills to design different projects for our country which was the country of Bangladesh or China. In preparation for international week, we have been using our reading skills and phonics knowledge to create fact files on the countries we have learnt about. We were able to use more of our literacy skills when we celebrated World Book Day at Curwen! We made our favourite characters using potatoes from home! This has allowed us to understand the different types of books, including comparing fiction and non-fiction books.


Our topic this term is ‘Our World’ and we have been learning about where we live and different cultures. First we have looked at space and the solar system, then we focused on Earth. We had a go at using Google Maps both to look at planets and to find the way to the Mosque and what a wonderful trip this has been! The children got to visit a place of worship and learn about what people do at the Mosque. Finally, we experienced International Week where we represented China and Bangladesh. We had fun cooking ladoos, we learned a dance routine with some traditional moves from the countries we represented, we created some artwork and we even got the chance to perform to our parents telling them all the interesting facts we have learnt.


This term we have been continuing to explore the number of the week. We have begun to learn how to take away and we remember the steps and names of symbols for our maths stories. We have used our steps to success to count, add, and check our answers. In addition, we have been using a range of concrete resources to act out and solve our maths stories. To consolidate this we have been using the concrete resources to create our own maths stories for our partners.