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Curwen Primary School


Summer 2

Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and

This term, our topic is 'Journeys,' and we have thoroughly enjoyed talking and sharing what we have learnt about transport and the different journeys we have been on. We took a journey together on a coach and visited 'Colchester Zoo'. We saw lots of different animals. We used our listening and communication skills when we returned to school to draw and talk about our trips. We also looked at the word ‘change’ and talked about how we have changed from nursery to now. Finally, we thought about all the times we have been resilient since being in reception and how this resilience will help us with the transition to Year 1.

Communication, Language and Literacy

This term, we have been using our communication skills to listen and talk about the different ways we can travel and the journeys we have been on. We have also been writing about our experiences, such as visiting zoos and farms. It has been helpful to listen to our significant persons journey and find out how Greta Thunberg became the activist she is. In addition, we have been revisiting our guided reading skills such as questioning, inference and humour.


In maths this term, we have been busy exploring different topics. First, we have been learning to share amounts equally. This helped us find half of a number, half of a shape and solve math stories that included halves and whole numbers. We even started exploring quarters and learnt that we needed to glue all the pieces together before counting the final amount. We have been doing so well with our counting that we have started exploring a hundred square and counting beyond 20.