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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 2

Understanding the world and Expressive Arts and Design 

We have had an impressive second term in Reception. Our topic this term is ‘People and Places’; we have been learning about different people in our community. We have learnt about celebrations such as Diwali, Guru Nanak’s birthday and Christmas. We have used our communication and language skills to discuss who celebrates these and what they do to celebrate. Furthermore, we also got to go on our first trip to the church, where we had fun looking for different features and artefacts. We have also learnt about different jobs and the role of people in the community who help us, such as teachers, police, firefighters, builders etc.





In Literacy, we have been exploring a range of books related to the topic of people and places, from people who help us to exploring non-fiction books about a range of religions. We have been developing our skills of sequencing, recapping and increasing our vocabulary. We continue to work through our sounds in phonics and practice letter formation and recognition. We are even beginning to decode, blend and write the words we hear and see in short sentences and even using our sounds to write tricky words such as our adult’s names. In addition, we have been developing our comprehension skills through story times and our free flow, as well as beginning to ask questions.



This term in maths, we have been looking at numbers from 6 to 9 and learning to recognise the numbers, write them and count objects. We learnt that the total stays the same when we separate an amount. We have also looked at positional language, length and how to measure and compare items. We have developed our communication and language skills by using vocabulary to describe the size of different objects. “The red caterpillar is longer than the yellow caterpillar.”, “I have found a long worm” We have also enjoyed a range of exploratory maths activities during our free-flow session and learnt to build our resilience and not give up.