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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 2

Understanding the world and Expressive Arts and Design 
We started this term talking about people that work in school. Reception had fun going
around the school and meeting the cook, the librarian, the head teacher and the office
staff and they were able to make observations about where these people work and
what they use in their jobs. We then explored different places of worship and the
children were able to talk about a place that was special to them. The children were
amazing during our trip to West Ham parish church! They walked to the Church and
back to school in a line and they had fun looking around the Church to find different
religious artefacts. We are very excited for our Nativity performance coming up and
we have been trying our best to practice all the songs working as a team.



In Literacy, we have been exploring a range of books related to the topic of people and
places, from people who help us to exploring non-fiction books about Christianity. We
have been developing our skills of sequencing, recapping and increasing our vocabulary.
We continue to work through our sounds in phonics and practice letter formation and
recognition. We are even beginning to decode, blend and write the words. We wrote
about what we might see in different places of worship and also wrote a list of things
we needed for a birthday party. In addition, we have been developing our
comprehension skills through story times and our free flow, as well as beginning to ask


In maths we have continued to explore the number of the week from 0-9, as well as
discuss the composition and formation of each number. We have been stretching our
understanding by beginning to investigate odd and even and reasoning how we know. In
addition we have been using a variety of scaffolding tools such as part whole models
and five frames to look at composition of number and early number bonds. We have
been also looking at 2D shapes which we have explored with an adult and independently
to begin to identify them and explain the properties.