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Curwen Primary School


Spring 1 Update

This term our topic is 'People in our Community' we have had many visitors come to talk to us about their jobs. At the beginning of the term, we had Ms Fuller to come and talk to us about all the jobs she does in the library and the children were able to ask her some questions.

We also went to visit Hamish the Park Keeper at West Ham Park, he shared some information about how he takes care of the park and explained how he uses lots of different tools to maintain the park.

We collected lots of leaves and when we came back to school, we created some artwork for our exhibition.

With our families we worked as a team to create some ‘People in our Community’ models, we used our math and creative skills to measure and position how to make our vehicles. We have developed our Commination and language skills and wrote about how people help us in our community.