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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 2

Celebrations, first nativity and Enabling Enterprise

We have now settled in at school and have made lots of friends. We all enjoy coming to school and learning something new each day!  We have been learning about ‘Celebrations’. There are lots of different Celebrations which are special to people.

We visited West Ham Parish Church. We looked at the features of the building and talked about what we saw both inside and outside the church. We looked carefully at the size, shape and the details in the building. We used this information to draw the church and share these with our class.

We all took part in Our First Nativity.  We learnt lots of songs and actions and performed to all the parents and families.  Reception and Nursery all used their loud voices to join in.

This was a special day!

We even got the chance to make lots of cards, biscuits and bags to sell at the Enabling Enterprise sell off day. Children from across the school visited our classrooms and bought the beautiful things we had made.

Finally, we were all brave enough to go into the swimming pool. We used our floats and armbands to help us kick our legs!  It was exciting to jump in the pool at the end of the term!