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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 1 Update

Geography, Science and MMS

In Year 1 we have learnt about our Local Area. To find out more we went on a walk around the school and also to the Greenway and West Ham Park. Whilst there we looked at human and physical features and were able to identify more human than physical.

We were excited to start our Science topic on identifying and sorting everyday materials. To help us with this we went on a ‘material’ hunt around our school and labelled all materials we could find. Then we sorted some objects according to their materials and properties using groupings like ‘hard’ and ‘soft’, ‘smooth’ and ‘rough’.

In MMS we are learning how to add and take away using cups. When we add we say ‘Get ready to get some more!’ When we take away we say ‘Get ready to take away!’ Acting out with cups is very helpful especially when we have to write the Maths Story in our books. We also use decimetre stick to make open and closed shapes. This will help us later on with finding the perimeter of shapes.