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Curwen Primary School


Autumn update

The tower of London, Epping Forest visit and Monarch Day

Year 1’s trip to The Tower of London was AMAZING!!!! The children got to experience how a king or queen lived in the past and took part in some role play in one of the king’s bedrooms. All the children were fascinated at getting so close to the crown jewels.

The children took part in some historical enquiry by visiting the Queen Elizabeth hunting lodge.  During their visit they explored all the different types of things King Henry the VIII did in the past. After that, we walked around the forest and saw such amazing views of the lake and the trees! The ducks and swans kept us entertained.  We wished we could stay there longer because it was so peaceful. We also discussed how Epping Forest had changed over the years.

What an amazing term it has been for Year 1!

To celebrate all our learning, parents were invited to our ‘big outcome’. The children worked extremely hard to show off all their hard work by performing ‘The king is in the castle’ and later took part in various activities with parents to show what they have learned about Kings and Queens.