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Curwen Primary School


Spring Update




This term in Year 1 we have learnt about Travelling around the UK. Children learnt about the countries in the UK and can now confidently name them! Please ask them to find out what they have learnt!! We have also been looking at different modes of transport and travelling around the UK. We went on a very exciting trip to the Emirates cable cars and captured a different view of the local area. We will be learning more about the UK and travelling during International Week!  







The trip to the Emirates Cable Cars was simply enthralling! The children were extremely nervous however very excited about travelling so high up in the air. The view from the air gave the children an insight in to how large their local area was. 







In Art we have been learning about different artists and the techniques used. To enhance the children’s learning further we went to the National Portrait Gallery to see an exhibition of the one and only Picasso!! Children talked about the different emotions his paintings created and discussed the many techniques used in his paintings. We also created our own masterpieces! Be sure to come and view them at the Year 1 Art Gallery on the 24th March!!







Children have been very excited in science learning about the weather and the seasons. They have been studying different climates around the world and why some parts are hot and cold! Children took part in role play and reported the weather in the UK! We will move on to look at how changes in temperature affect our everyday life!

Thank you all for coming to see how year 1 are learning in maths! We hope the session has given you some ideas about how to support your child at home! The children have been learning about measuring perimeter and mass and the value of money!