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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 2


For our history topic this term, we have been very busy learning all about the exciting topic of Kings and Queens! To explore this topic, it was vital for us to ‘step into the past’ and role play as cooks and knights to serve our past Kings and Queens, and as well as ordering the monarchs of Great Britain on a timeline. We performed our wonderful Big Outcome this term via Zoom!  We even performed a song about Kings and Queens in our costumes, rehearsed lines for our assembly, and even sang the National Anthem to pay respect to the ruler of our country; Queen Elizabeth II.


This term we have been exploring the value of a number in various ways, such as how to find out one more and one less of a number by using a hundred grid and a number-line. We also learned how to add and subtract using practical objects, and then pictorially to demonstrate the value, and finally moving onto answering ‘in our heads’. To help us understand ideas and concepts and relate it to our everyday life, we also looked at how to embellish simple maths stories and using key vocabulary to make sense of it.


In Literacy this term, we have been exploring key reading skills such as sequencing, comparing, exploring settings and predicting. We started the week off by making some delicious jam sandwiches, ensuring that we sequence the instructions carefully. We also looked at some interesting settings to compare and describe by using adjectives, and also remembering to use our capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We have also been developing our listening and reading skills by predicting what might happen in the story ‘Hungry Hen’ which had a surprising and unexpected ending!