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Curwen Primary School


Spring 2


This term in maths, we learned how to multiply. We used cups and maths tables (and our knowledge of adding ‘lots of times’) to find the answers to multiplication maths stories. We even practiced using concrete resources like cubes and pasta to make arrays of a number to multiply it. After practicing like this we were able to write the maths stories into our books and solve them independently.






We started Literacy in Spring 2 off with Goldilocks and the Three Bears. After watching a live performance of the story Goldilocks asked us to help her write a letter of apology to the Three Bears for her behaviour at their cottage. We thought about all the things she could say sorry for before using our neatest handwriting to help write her letter.


In Science, Goldilocks asked for our help again! She also wanted to give the three bears ice poles to day sorry but didn’t want them to melt on her way there. To help her, we carried out an investigation and explored different materials to figure out which one would be best to keep the ice poles cold. We found that out of paper, fabric, foil and plastic, foil was the best at keeping them icy and cold.

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