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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 2


In Math, we have been learning how to partition two-digit numbers; we started by practically using cups and then moved on to using dienes to carry out fair swaps with numbers. We remembered that 10 cups have the same value as one ty or 10 and explored how a range of real-life objects, such as blocks, pasta, or pencils, have the same value, but different appearances. We enjoyed counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s during our starter activities and recapping 2D shapes.



In Literacy, we read Little Red Riding Hood and described the Big Bad Wolf! We used drama to help us explore Wolf's appearance and character and had wonderful discussions reflecting on his actions in the story. The children produced fantastic independent writing focusing on capital letters, full stops and adjectives.


In History we have been learning about Kings and Queens, to support this we visited the Tower of London. We explored the White Tower, where the armour and weapons were kept, and learnt about the jobs in the castle.

We were excited to see the black ravens and even took pictures next to them. We also learnt that part of the Tower of London was used as a zoo to entertain royal guests. When we returned to school, we compared how the Tower was used in the past and now.