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Curwen Primary School


Summer 1 Update

Bounce Back, Maths, Art and Science,

A short term but we have done so much!!

Bounce back day 1

This term we made new friends with children from North Beckton Primary School. We took part in different activities that continued to develop our confidence and resilience. We participated in drama, sports and team building activities. We worked through our problems and we didn’t give up. It was an amazing day!



In Maths we looked at halving and quartering amounts. We were given numbers and had to work out what half or quarter of that number would be.

We know that half is when we divide by 2 and quarter is dividing by 4.  We also know that 2 halves make a whole and 4 quarters make a whole. We also looked at how learning about how important fractions are in our life everyday.


Art has been a huge learning experience for us this term!! We learned about where cotton and wool come from and how they are made into textiles. We explored and manipulated the materials to turn them into a thread. We also talked about how these materials can be coloured and then used felt tips to create patterns on cotton pads. 

 We explored weaving using string. First we decorated our paper plates and then we used different coloured strings to weave. The techniques we used were going under, over, under, over. At the end our plates looked amazing!


In science we learnt about different parts of the human body.  We went outside in groups and drew around each other and labelled the parts. We also discussed senses and where on the body we use these senses. It was a fun way to learn about our bodies!!