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Curwen Primary School


Spring update

Portrait Gallery, Geography topic and Science

In Year 1 we travelled by train to the Portrait Gallery. We explored the different paintings completed by a variety of famous artists, discussing the difference and similarities in their work. We created a family and self-portrait using techniques seen and appropriate chosen materials.

The Geography topic for this term is Travelling around the UK, learning about the countries within, capital cities and the sea surrounding the UK. Using the Beebots, on big maps, children worked together to move them around the different countries, using directional words; North, South, East, West and following instructions to where the countries are in the UK. We also discussed famous landmarks within the UK and identified where we live. Year 1 enjoyed the trip to the cable cars where we were able to explore different ways of travelling around the UK, during this trip children enjoyed identifying famous landmarks around London.

In Science we are learning about seasons and weather around the world. On a weather chart we recorded the weather over a period. Using the information collected children created a bar chart or a pictogram to show the data. In order to do this we observed weather reports, and identified the different weather symbols representing the weather, leading to a weather report performance. We also compared the weather in different countries around the world, designing appropriate outfits depending on the weather conditions.