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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 2

Queen Elizabth hunting lodge, Epping Forest and Science

In Year 1 we travelled by coach and visited the Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge in Epping Forest. We explored all the different types of things King Henry the VIII did in the past. After that, we walked around the forest and saw such amazing views of the lake and the trees! The ducks and swans kept us entertained.  We wished we could stay there longer because it was so peaceful. We also discussed how Epping Forest had changed over the years.

We watched a Maths Theatre show with pirates who helped us with our learning in Maths. We had to help the pirates solve a lot of problems about treasure. They helped us work on our number bond skills, times tables and even fractions!

For our Science topic, we walked to West Ham Park to observe different types of trees: deciduous and evergreen trees.  It was a lot of fun collecting natural items such as leaves, seeds, twigs and conkers from the park. We looked at the variety of shapes and colours that can be seen in nature and then drew them in our Art books.

As part of our Geography topic, we were looking at human and physical features. We looked at a picture and used our ICT skills to type whether something was human or physical.