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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 2

This half term we have been busy as usual in Year 2! We have had lots more fun and exciting learning experiences.


A highlight of this half-term was sharing our learning about ‘The Great Fire of London’ in our Big Outcome on Zoom. We presented what we have learnt through Drama, Art and Music. Thank you to all the parents and carers who joined us on Zoom for this. We finished off our topic ‘The Great Fire of London’ by burning some of the houses we made in the fire pit! We saw for ourselves how the houses being so close together helped the fire spread quickly.


We have been working on using expanded noun phrases and emotive language to write a descriptive paragraph of the scene of the fire through Samuel Pepys’ window! We all went out to observe a real fire in the fire pit, which gave us lots of ideas to use in our writing. We learnt some new words such as ‘glowing’, ‘ash’, ‘embers’ which we used to describe the setting of the fire in 1666.


In Maths recently we have been learning how to multiply. We have been exploring different representations of multiplication, including with cups, counters, bead strings and coins.


In our Electricity topic, we have explored circuits and how they work. We tried out different components in circuits and learnt the symbols for bulb, switch and batteries. We investigated conductors within circuits to see which materials allowed electricity to pass through them. Here we are acting out how electricity flows through a circuit!