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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 2


In Literacy, our focus text has been ‘The Dark’ which allowed us to explore expanded noun phrases and use our innovation skills to describe through drama. We also applied all of our knowledge from The Great Fire London to write a narrative piece from the point of view of Samuel Pepys. We had a morning where we ‘experienced’ the fire by burning some cardboard houses (with real fire!) and creating a soundscape. From this, we were able to make our writing more interesting by using exciting adjectives and using a variety of sentences such as exclamations and questions.

Topic (History)

We continued our ‘Great Fire of London’ topic by writing a letter as citizens of the city of London to King Charles II to ask for help. We also reflected on our learning and consolidated all of our learning through a Big Outcome for our parents and carers. We sang and acted out the events of the fire, as well as showed off the fire collages we made for Art and our impressive homework projects.


In Maths, we’ve stayed resilient when learning about multiplication and division. We explored multiplication through repeated addition and arrays, as well as daily practise of our timetables. We then looked at division and learnt that we can draw pictures such as dots and circles as a strategy to help us work out division problems.