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Curwen Primary School


Spring 1

Topic (History)

This term our topic is ‘People who Fought for our Rights’ and we have been learning about some significant people, such as Nelson Mandela, Elizabeth Fry, Rosa Parks and Emmeline Pankhurst. We deepened our understanding of these significant people by exploring different sources such as videos, books, photos and recorded interviews. These helped us complete our own research projects at home which we presented to each other using our excellent communication skills.


In Literacy, we have continued to develop our writing skills through writing a diary entry imagining we were Nelson Mandela. We used role play to imagine how he felt when he was put into prison and used emotive language to describe how he may have felt. We demonstrated resilience and strived for success through ensuring that we used a range of adjectives, conjunctions, exclamations and questions to vary our writing.


This term one of the topics we have explored is ‘Money’ we have looked at a range of coins and spoke about the value. We used our imagination and set up a shop where in partners we took turns to be shoppers and shopkeepers. We developed our resilience and chose what coins we would need if we wanted to purchase an item for a certain value. We will continue to explore money in school but also at home with our families!