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Curwen Primary School


Autumn 2 Update

This half term we have been busy as usual in Year 2! We have had lots more fun and exciting learning experiences. Do you want to know what we have been up to? Read the comments below which are from the children themselves.

‘We did a performance in our class because we wanted to show the parents all about how the Great Fire of London happened and we made it fun’. (Renad)


‘We made bread for Thomas Farriner’s bakery- that’s where the fire started. We gave it to the parents when they came to watch us’. (Jovan)

‘The best part of the performance is when we did a quiz and some of the parents got to answer the questions. They didn’t know all of the answers so we shouted the answers at the end!’ (Tommy)


‘We were reading ‘The Boy who Cried Wolf and we wrote the story. We acted out the story so we could remember the story. We learnt some new words like ‘fearful, joyful, playful’ and we tried to learn the spellings.’ (Miruna)


‘In RML we made pizzas because we read a story called ‘Pip’s Pizza. It was fun because we were putting lots of cheese. It tastes delicious!’ (Wilbert)


‘We were learning how to write instructions so we made sandwiches first. We used adverbs like ‘carefully’ and ‘quickly’ in our writing.’ (Tianna)


‘We went to see The Everywhere Bear at the theatre. In the story there is a teacher who has a bear in her classroom, but the bear gets lost and went in the water. It has a happy ending because he got found by the library lady. My favourite part was when he was floating in the water because it looked real’. (Gergana)



‘In Maths we were measuring how much water was inside different jugs. It was fun because it was like science, pouring stuff in and out’. (Waqiah)