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Curwen Primary School


Spring 1 Update

This half term Year 2 have covered lots of interesting topics including shape in Maths, descriptive language and story writing in Literacy, ‘Comparing the UK and Ghana’ in Geography and plants in Science. Read what we have been learning below, in the children’s own words:


‘We were writing about the chocolate planet, we read the story about it, it’s a planet full of chocolate. We wrote our own story, we used words like delicious, scrumptious, yummy and tasty. We enjoyed it because we ate some of it!’ (Fatima H)

‘We made a collage of the forest and the sweet cabin in Hansel and Gretel. Afterwards we wrote about the setting using lots of adjectives’ (Kamilah)


‘We were sorting shapes into the right place into the hoops, a venn diagram. The ones that were curved or straight, the number of sides, and the 2D or 3D shapes’ (CJ)



‘We were learning about Ghana. We had to tell where different places were compared to Ghana, like the equator. We used ‘north, south, east and west’.  It was fun because we had a big map and we made a compass and we used it.’ (David B.)



‘In Science we learned about plants and we planted seeds and bulbs. We made fact files about plants and we did observations. We planted broad beans which are slow growing.’  (Jazzaria)

‘This term has been fun because everyone is so kind in Year 2 and we have learnt a lot of fun things.’ (Serenity)