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Curwen Primary School


Summer 2 Update

In Year 2 we have enjoyed another amazing half term full of fun learning experiences…

Safari Josh

We had a very exciting visitor who came in to talk to us about some reptiles. Safari Josh brought in a corn snake, leopard gecko and bearded dragon and taught us lots of facts about the creatures and their habitats.


Geography Challenge

In Geography we have been continuing to explore our topic ‘Travelling around the UK’. For our Geography Challenge we explored the question ‘Do we need green spaces in London?’ We visited West Ham Park where the children conducted a plant survey and an ‘environmental quality survey’, which they then used to compare contrasting areas of their route. Back at school we had an in depth discussion of our question and wrote our conclusions.

Colchester Zoo

Our Science topic culminated with a trip to Colchester Zoo, where we looked at animals from around the world and learnt about their natural habitats. We enjoyed reading the facts about the animals. We took part in a workshop where an expert taught us how some of the animals are adapted to survive in their environments.

DT- Vehicles

Another highlight of our term was our DT topic ‘Vehicles’-. We worked in pairs to design and create a vehicle suitable for the seaside. As part of our research, we actually went to Chalkwell Beach to investigate what the surface of the beach was like. We learnt how to use a saw safely, then we measured and cut our wooden dowels accurately to make the axles for our vehicles. We tried out our vehicles on rocky, stony and sandy surfaces to test if they worked and made adaptations until our vehicles were suitable.

We have enjoyed all of our fun learning activities this year and we have some wonderful memories of our time together in Year 2. We are looking forward to many more exciting experiences in Year 3!