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Curwen Primary School


Cheshunt 2018

On Thursday 27th – Friday 28th September, and Tuesday 2nd – Wednesday 3rd October year 5 pupils went on a residential trip to Cheshunt. For some of the pupils it was their first night away from home – however it was the parents who seemed more nervous!

We travelled by train to the YHA London Lee Valley Hostel at Cheshunt. All of the pupils were very excited and in high spirits.

After eating lunch we had a quick play in the green space nearby. Some people played football, some climbed and others went on Ms Fuller’s magical mystery tour!

At approximately 2:00pm we went over to the HYMB (Herts Young Mariners Base) to meet our instructors and take part in our first activity.

Some people went bell-boating, some went rock climbing and some went caving.

All of the pupils and staff were very excited and were about to do something many of them had never done before. Please check out the other photos in the gallery of all the activities the children enjoyed during their stay.

Some of our pupils went above and beyond what was expected and have been recognised for their achievements. All of these pupils received a certificate.

Cameron Hewitt for getting involved with every activity, encouraging others, having impeccable manners and being a great mountain goat and scuba diver!

Thomas Perdersen for exceptional behaviour and showing courage when trying all of the activities.

Nathan Sexcius-Graham for displaying model behaviour and setting excellent examples to other people.

Georgia Collins for being helpful throughout the trip, displaying lovely manners and being a great example to others.




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