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Curwen Primary School



At Curwen, we support pupils learning in a variety of ways. We have a cross-curricular approach when exploring topics which allows children to learn in greater depth and from a variety of angles, such as the use of arts to underpin what the pupils learn.  Children are given opportunities to immerse themselves in various topics in the curriculum, which are extended and enhanced through themed weeks, after school clubs and activities, educational and residential visits, focused days and visits from outside agencies.

Since working with HeadStart, which is a government initiative designed to improve the lives of our young people and families in Newham, Curwen has offered children and their family’s opportunities to recognise the strengths they already have and develop new skills so they’re able to overcome challenges and bounce back from tough circumstances.

One of the initiatives used by HeadStart is Bounce Back.  It is linked to building resilience and wellbeing in an age appropriate way. We have worked with the children who attend North Beckton School and had the chance to engage in a variety of activities to build their resilience and wellbeing through a range of creative, exciting and stimulating activities. 



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