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Curwen Primary School


Summer 2

This term, our children with English as an Additional Language (EAL) continued to have extra support in phonics interventions and in Literacy and Maths classes. The teachers and Mrs Teixeira have been working together, differentiating and adapting resources to the children’s different levels of English proficiency.

At lunch time, we have continued to read in small groups, further developing language and raising interest in matters such as Science or the role of relevant people in our world.

This Summer term, our EAL group went on two trips: to the Science Museum and to the London Zoo! Both have been incredibly fun and enriching experiences.

On the zoo, for most children it was the first time that they were close to wild animals. They asked questions about the animals’ habitats, what food they ate, how did they come to the zoo or if they could go out. It was a lovely trip and a great experience for children who had not seen so many different animal species before. They have surely learnt much about animals and nature, created memories and had a great time in a group where everyone shared the same curiosity and enthusiasm.

 Our wonderful Young Translators have engaged in different activities with children with EAL, not only helping them with English, but also building relationships of cooperation and nurture that has worked in the benefit of both sides.

These Student Leaders enjoyed a well deserved “Thank you” party for their important contribution to other children’s achievements and happiness.