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Curwen Primary School


Mashtura - My Curwen Story

I came to Curwen in year 2 and didn’t know anything about subjects or English, I didn’t even speak English at all, but many teachers helped me learn more and catch up with my learning!

 I didn’t know how to spell many easy things and was too shy to speak in class or make friends. But now I like making new friends and I sometimes speak in class! I learnt the school rules, too.

Now I get better scores in my assessments than I did before! In fact, in my report I got Excellent in every subject! I applied to and was accepted in Grammar Schools but they are too far, so I go to one near my house.

Some of my most fun memories are when I became a Young Translator (A young translator is when you help other new students speak English and learn new things) and when I did tie-dye now in Year 6.

There are really amazing trips to go to in Curwen like Legoland! I remember in one of the rides I was really wet from the water, and the rides were amazing! This was the first school I went in England and it is where I share a lot of memories.

Curwen is an amazing place and I will miss it when I leave to secondary school.