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Curwen Primary School


Niah- My Curwen Story

I like being a Sports Leader because I get to encourage children to join in with sports, and it is fun! I am a sporty person myself and my favourite sport is handball. I like playing that because you move around a lot and it is very physical. I also like gymnastics and doing ‘front aerials’. This means when you do a cartwheel with no hands! I am working on my side aerial at the moment, then once I can do this I will move onto the front aerial. As a sports leader, I like working with year 2 as they are lots of fun and have some experience with PE already and are better at listening. I work with my partner every Tuesday lunchtime to come up with a game and get the equipment we need, lay it out and call some people over to come and play the game. We introduce ourselves and explain the rules and then they can start playing! When I am not being a Sports Leader, I am in year 5. I enjoy being with my teacher and my class as we have a great connection and are kind and positive to each other. I like doing homework projects, for example at the moment it is a Solar System project. I like being creative.

Niah Laguda, year 5 Sports Leader