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Curwen Primary School


Dimitri - My Curwen Story

I arrived in Year 3 from Moldova and did not speak English. I was feeling nervous and shy. I never been to school so it was hard to catch up, especially in Year 3. I didn’t know how school was in my country, so how am I supposed to know in England? I felt scared.

In Year 4 the teachers helped me, I was a little bit English.

In Year 5 I am feeling confident. I am confident to speak to my friends. Everything is much easier now. I got help by teachers, my teacher put easier work for me and my friends help me when there are new things, for example the whole school assembly in hall and they told me to be quiet. My favourite subjects are P.E. and Maths. I go to table tennis and football clubs.  Now I am part of Curwen Primary School.