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Curwen Primary School


Nathan - My Curwen Story

I really enjoy sports and P.E. at Curwen, particularly races and Sports Day. I always look forward to Sports Day and getting a medal. In the races I usually come first or second. I go to athletics at the weekend, and I attend football training twice a week. At school I enjoy NFL club with Coach Aaron and I used to do football club. We get lots of chance to do sporty things at Curwen, especially during playtime. P.E. is fun because we get to try new things and take part in new sports.

This year I have been a HeadStart Champion. I enjoy it because we get to help other people to become more resilient and confident. For example we did a presentation to SMT about how to improve Curwen next year by helping to prevent anyone feeling judged and to help everyone have ways to calm down if they feel angry or upset about anything.

Year 5 has been challenging, but fun at the same time. Maths has been challenging because there is often things that I don’t understand, but I find a way to get through it and try my best. Cheshunt was good and I liked canoeing and rock climbing. I was in a boys’ group and we got the hardest wall to climb!

In the future, for year 6 I am looking forward to Fairplay House and Legoland. I’m also looking forward to seeing how life goes. I want to be a footballer when I am older, or apart from that I don’t know what else I want to be…yet!