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Curwen Primary School


Amira - My Curwen Story

At school I like that when we go out into the playground there is always lots to do and different equipment to play with. Next year I might want to be a peer mentor because then if things happen I can do something about it to help.

In class, I like all the lessons that we do because they are really fun. I don’t have a favourite because they are all so good! In year 3 the lessons we did about Ancient Egypt were very interesting and when it was Mini-World we got to do writing in hieroglyphics and share our learning with all the other children in the school.

My most favourite trip this year was going to the Science Museum to find out about earthquakes and volcanoes. We got to experience an earthquake and learn lots more about volcanoes and earthquakes.

This year, I have been a team captain for Roald Dahl. I have counted all the tokens for the school and put everything away every week. I also get some tokens for my teachers. I like doing this job because it’s something really fun to do and really enjoyable every Thursday.

In the future, I would like to be a doctor because I like helping other people out.