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Curwen Primary School


Elliot - My Curwen Story

I like school because you get to go on fun trips and there are lots of games to do at lunchtime and after school. I do Art Club and Dance Club. I enjoy Dance Club because we are going to go to Rebecca Cheetham to perform our dance and show how much we have improved. In year 1 I enjoyed going to Chalkwell Beach and I hope when we go to the Zoo this week we have good weather and it doesn’t rain! I’m looking forward to seeing new animals that I haven’t seen before.

In year 3 I am looking forward to getting better at Maths and Writing. In the future when I grow up I would like to be a dance teacher and a train driver.

I like coming to Curwen because it is a fantastic school for all the children and if YOU would like to come to Curwen Primary School then just go for it and come!