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Curwen Primary School


Pupil Stories

July 2021

  • Jennar - My Curwen Story

    Published 20/07/21

    I came to Curwen Primary School in year 3. The teachers are really kind even though I talk weirdly. They help me a lot! When I arrived I didn’t speak any English. The teachers help me to learn English by playing language games and going on trips.

    I like this school because they made the topics easy for us.

    In year 4, we went on a trip to Fairplay House and that was really fun! We did archery, rock climbing (it is safe, don’t worry) and other fun stuff! We also went to different trips like going to London Eye but the Fairplay House is my favourite.

    In year 5, we couldn’t go to fun trips because of Covid. We just went to Plaistow library which is very close to our school. We couldn’t go to school anymore when the pandemic was really bad, but we did it online on Zoom. Luckily, we go back to school again, and we make a poster from cardboard about what animals do you like in your own country or that mean something to you and lots of other things.

    My favourite subject is Art. My second favourite subject is Maths. When I'm older I want to be a zookeeper/ pet shop assistant/ hair stylist or an artist. 

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  • Mashtura - My Curwen Story

    Published 20/07/21

    I came to Curwen in year 2 and didn’t know anything about subjects or English, I didn’t even speak English at all, but many teachers helped me learn more and catch up with my learning!

     I didn’t know how to spell many easy things and was too shy to speak in class or make friends. But now I like making new friends and I sometimes speak in class! I learnt the school rules, too.

    Now I get better scores in my assessments than I did before! In fact, in my report I got Excellent in every subject! I applied to and was accepted in Grammar Schools but they are too far, so I go to one near my house.

    Some of my most fun memories are when I became a Young Translator (A young translator is when you help other new students speak English and learn new things) and when I did tie-dye now in Year 6.

    There are really amazing trips to go to in Curwen like Legoland! I remember in one of the rides I was really wet from the water, and the rides were amazing! This was the first school I went in England and it is where I share a lot of memories.

    Curwen is an amazing place and I will miss it when I leave to secondary school.

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