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  • Nursery Spaces for September Now Available

    Published 08/03/19
    Please note that if you have children born between 1st September 2015 and 31st August 2016,  we now have spaces available starting from September! To register your child please contact our school office for an application form to se
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  • English for Parents- Evaluation

    Published 24/05/19
    Our English for Parents course finished last Friday 10th and the students were happy to receive their certificates. The English for Parents course - Beginners was a pilot project developed to improve parents’ spoken English and basic reading
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  • Curwen Debate Team Finish 3rd Nationally

    Published 22/05/19
    This week the debate team competed in the eagerly anticipated Debate Mate League Final. The top 10 teams from around the country were invited to compete. We are delighted to announce that after winning both their debates on the day the Curwen Te
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  • Curwen's Skydiving Success

    Published 16/05/19
    A message from Miss Nea, Mr Boyd & Mr Potter: Well we did it! On Sunday 5th May Miss Nea, Mr Boyd and myself (Mr Potter) where given a fantastic opportunity to complete a tandem skydive to raise money for our school sensory bus project. It
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  • Year 2 Big Outcome

    Published 29/04/19
    On Wednesday 3rd April 2019 Year 2 welcomed parents and guardians to an exhibition of art created over the past few terms. The KS1 Heart Space was filled with paintings, drawings, designs and clay sculptures for everyone to admire. Children wrote inf
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  • Easter Bonnet Parade 2019

    Published 05/04/19
    Our annual Easter Bonnet parade was once again an amazing afternoon! Beautifully created bonnets could be seen in all classes from Nursery all the way to year 6. Every child, parent/carer and staff member had put so much effort in to all of the desig
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  • Nursery Traditional Tales

    Published 04/04/19
    The children have been reading a variety of Traditional Tales this term. They have been acting out the stories, talking about the characters, setting and how the story ends. The children made their own gingerbread men and were able to talk about the
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  • Problem Solving Competition

    Published 03/04/19
    One the 27th February 2019, 120 year 4 pupils took to the main hall and participated in a problem solving competition. With the help of their teachers and their parents the children were challenged in various problem solving timed activities, which i
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  • International Week 2019

    Published 02/04/19

    "As always the carnival was amazing, the highlight of our school year! Good dancing, costumes and music. Well done to everyone involved. Combining 2 countries per year was a very good idea. Double the fun and celebration. Only negative is painful hands from all the clapping!"- Just one of many amazing parent feedbacks this year

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  • Debate Mate come 2nd in the Primary Urban Debate League

    Published 28/03/19
    Round 1 of the Primary Urban Debate League 2019 has now come to an end. Our wonderful Debate Mate team successfully won 3 debates. Out of 49 National Primary Schools they came 2nd place, which an amazing outcome!  Congratulations to the
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  • Debate Mate at The Oriental Club

    Published 28/03/19
    Curwen's debate team continue to be very busy. This week Saeed (6C) and Ama (5C) were selected to attend a special Debate Mate breakfast at the Oriental Club in Central London. Curwen were the only primary school to attend and the pair had the op
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  • Let’s talk with under 5’s Elklan course

    Published 18/03/19
    Over the last seven weeks some parents of Nursery and Reception children have been attending a Speech and language Let’s talk with under 5’s Elklan course. They have been able to learn strategies and activities that could be used with the
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  • The Tapscott Learning Trust’s 1st Annual Report

    Published 18/03/19
    The Tapscott Learning Trust’s 1st Annual Report for 2017/18 to Parents/Stakeholders has now been published. Please click here To view our e-version or follow this link:
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  • Year 5 Big Outcome

    Published 13/03/19
    On Wednesday 6th March 2019 year 5 held their big outcome for the Spring Term. The year 5 children have been learning all about the Victorians and how they influenced the changes in the docks and we wanted to share some of this with our parents. Howe
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  • ESOL Classes

    Published 28/02/19

    We would like to thank everyone who has been attending our ESOL classes on Fridays. Unfortunately, this week's class has been cancelled, classes will resume as usual from 8th March. Please note that there is still available spaces, if you would like to enroll please contact Mrs Teixeira and Ms Sharif.

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