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  • River of Hope Project Workshop

    Published 27/02/24
    The children in year 4 had the opportunity to participate in the River of Hope project in art this term. This project uses environmental learning linking their Geography topic about rivers and creative arts practice to express their knowledge and con
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  • Newham Year 3/4 Badminton Festival

    Published 09/02/24
    On Friday 2nd February eight year 4 children were selected to represent Curwen at a Badminton Festival at Lister community school.   There were 8 schools and over 70 children competing at the festival with Curwen taking part in a carouse
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  • TTLT Orienteering Competition​​​​​​​

    Published 09/02/24
    Curwen competed at their first TTLT competition of 2024 on Friday 2nd February as they travelled to the Olympic Park for an Orienteering competition.  There were 10 schools and over 260 children competing at the competition. A group of year 5
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  • Children's Mental Health Week

    Published 05/02/24

    Children's Mental Health Week starts today at Curwen

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  • Children's Mental Health Week 2024

    Published 05/02/24
    This week is Children's Mental Health Week and the theme is 'My Voice Matters'. This links with Curwen's Kindness Week where children are encouraged to 'speak up'  Have a look at this video all about children's men
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  • Y5 Children meet author, Ross Welford

    Published 01/02/24
    Last week, several lucky pupils from Year 5 went to Stratford Library to meet the brilliant author Ross Welford. They had the opportunity to ask him questions about his new book: Time Travelling with a Tortoise, and some were lucky enough to get
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  • Year 4 Visits Cody Docks and the river Lea

    Published 23/01/24
    Earlier this month Year 4 visited the River Lea as a part of our geography topic on rivers. We learnt about where rivers begin and end as well as some of the wildlife that use these rivers. We also learnt that the River Lea is a tributary river as it
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  • Javier Bello- Team GB Athlete visits Curwen Primary

    Published 16/01/24
    On the 11th January, our year 6 children at Curwen got a visit from British Beach Volleyball player Javier Bello. Javier Bello and twin brother Joaquin have been making history from an early age and at Birmingham 2022 they continued that tr
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  • Newham Schools sports hall athletics competition

    Published 15/01/24

    Curwen competed at their first competition of 2024 on Friday 12th January as they travelled to UEL

    SportsDock for the Newham Schools Sports Hall Athletics competition.

    There were 12 schools and over 240 children competing at the competition with Curwen bringing a

    Year 5/6 Boys and Girls team to compete across a variety of track and field events. Curwen were

    placed in heat 1 alongside Britannia Village, Carpenters and Chobham and the boys team got off to a

    fantastic start winning their heat in both the obstacle and 4x1 lap relay. The girls continued to do

    Curwen proud in the track events, securing the second fastest times across all the heats for the 1x1,

    2x2 and 4x1 lap relay.

    Curwen continued to shine throughout the field events, with the boys team securing the second

    highest score across all the heats for Chest Push and the girls team matching this feat in the Vertical

    Jump. However, the standout moment of the field events was the performance of the girls team

    within the Speed Bounce, where they recorded the highest amount of jumps across all of the


    This remarkable effort saw Curwen narrowly miss out on a podium place, finishing 4th amongst all

    the schools that entered. The children definitely gave their all in every event and it was very pleasing

    to see them replicate the high level of skill and ability they show within PE in a competitive setting.

    Well done to these children who represented the school amazingly:

    Girls Team - Georgia-Marie (6K), Leah (6K), Danica (6K), Aaminah (6R), Alexia-Ioana (6R), Laila (6C),

    Janat (6C), Kaci-Ann (6C), Acacia-Mae (5T), Jaynie (5T), Chanel (5CB), Kiarrah (5PB).

    Boys Team – Nico (6R), Matej (6R), Gheorghe (6R), Emmanuel (6C), Nathan (6C).


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  • 'Curwen Gets Creative!' Newsletter

    Published 19/12/23
    We’re sure you would agree that there are many benefits of learning to read and write, and understanding mathematics. You’d also likely be able to list many positives of learning about science and humanities subjects, such as history, geo
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  • Science Afternoon

    Published 15/12/23
    It was great to see so many parents back in school, following on from the success of last year’s science afternoon. The school was a hive of activity with children using their working scientific skills and enjoying showing their parents w
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  • Kindness Week 2023

    Published 14/12/23
    For Kindness Week this year, the children learnt about ‘Speaking up’ and the importance of communicating any concerns or worries they may have with adults who care about them. The importance of ‘speaking up’ was r
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  • Art Matters Online Exhibition 2023

    Published 08/12/23
    We've had a lot of amazing entries. Please click here to see all of them 
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  • Boys TTLT Christmas Cup

    Published 04/12/23

    Curwen competed at their seventh and final TTLT competition of the year on Friday 1st December as they travelled to Memorial Park for the TTLT Christmas Cup.

    There were 5 schools competing at the festival, with Curwen taking two teams of children to represent the school. Facing matches against Ranelagh, Kaizen, Earlham and North Beckton the boys played exceptionally well with one team managing to go unbeaten, ensuring they finished top of the group and came back to school with the TTLT Christmas Cup. 

    Well done to these children who represented the school amazingly: Ade (4GM), Anas (4GM), Benji (4GM), Aariz (4GM), Lucas (4GM), Harley (4GM), George (4GM), Barack (4G), Absar (4G), Aaron (4G), Benjamin (4G), Mohamed (4M), Ibrahim (4M), Joshua (4M), Alhaaz (4M), Shahir (4M), Rome (4M).

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  • Girls Tag Rugby Festival

    Published 01/12/23

    Curwen competed at their sixth TTLT competition of the year on Thursday 30th November as they travelled to Memorial Park for a girls Tag Rugby festival. 

    There were 9 schools and over 120 girls competing at the festival, with Curwen being placed alongside Sir John Heron, Ellen Wilkinson, Kaizen and Park in Group 1. The girls won their first two games 5-2 and 4-3 against Park and Ellen Wilkinson. They followed those results up with two close fought draws against Sir John Heron and Kaizen to make sure they collected silver medals.  

    Well done to these children who represented the school amazingly: Thalia (5C), Jasmine (5C), Aisha (5PB), Phoebe-Grace (5PB), Chanel (5CB), Selena (5CB), Kerene (5T), Acacia-Mae (5T), Aaminah (6R), Georgia-Marie (6K).



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