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Curwen Primary School


Careers Day

Pilots, entrepreneurs, architects, builders, artists and many more!

Last Friday Curwen Primary School held their very own Careers Day. The day was extremely successful. Throughout the morning many visitors from the community came to Curwen to share their careers with the children. The children asked lots of interesting questions to find out all about each job as well as what skills they might need, to carry out each job successfully. Many children chose to come to school dressed in clothes relating to their dream job. We saw an array of ambitions such as; pilots, entrepreneurs, architects, builders, artists and many more! In the afternoon the children showcased all they had learnt about one particular job to another year group. Parents came in to join in with all the fun!  All the children had an exciting day learning about many different careers and beginning to think about what the future holds for them!

To view more pictures of the event follow this link.