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Curwen Primary School


Anti Bullying week

Anti-Bulling activities and Parent awareness

Curwen again took part in the nationwide initiative Anti-Bullying Week, using our ‘Power for good’ as a focus for all activities. We used this as an opportunity to shine a spotlight on bullying and encourage the children to support each other to take action against all forms of bullying. Parents were invited to take part and used this opportunity to become immersed in their children’s learning.

The range of activities across all year groups were fantastic. Some classes created puppets for anti-bullying role plays; a mannequin challenge took place during P.E. to highlight how to take a stand against bullying; a guide to posting safely online was created by the children and lots of impressive drama activities happened throughout upper KS2.

We always as a school,  support our children to understand how powerful their words and actions are, ensuring they always use them positively. Afternoons like this always remind us how articulate and caring our children are and how confident we are that they will be outstanding members of society.