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Curwen Primary School


KS1 Christmas Concert

It was fantastic to see so many of our parents and families attend our KS1 Christmas Concerts last week.

We told the traditional story of The Christmas Nativity through the eyes of the hardworking Innkeeper. One of the stars of the show was Fatima (1M) who learnt her lines and showed lots of confidence on the stage throughout her performance as the Innkeeper. She worked tirelessly to look after her many travellers and visitors as they looked for a place to stay.

Our Year 2 narrators: Rjay (2W), Yasser (2K), Elise (2W), Kharen (2M) and Tazwar (2I) did a great job of guiding us through the story speaking their lines clearly.

Some children performed a stunning Angel dance whilst other children played supporting roles such as travellers, Wise Men and Shepherds.

This was all sprinkled throughout with a real mixture of calm and uplifting songs which brought the story to life. Our favourites include ‘Knock at the door’ and ‘Halleluiah’.

We’d like to say a HUGE well done to all our KS1 TEAM who acted and sung so professionally.

This was what some of our parents said about our concert:

“What can I say…it was fantastic, brought a tear to my eye! The teachers as always have done a great job, so nice to see every child join in!” - Oliver’s Mum

“Lovely performance, absolutely enjoyable morning. Loved the confidence of all the kids” – Lilian’s mum

“Wonderful concert. Really enjoyed it and I think it gets better every year!” – Sofia’s mum

“That was absolutely amazing. The songs were so wonderful this year. All of the children were fantastic. The fact that they memorised all of those songs was impressive!” – Che’s mum

“Lovely morning, my son has only been with you for 1 week, so good to already see him a part of such a great show!” - Mason’s mum

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