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Curwen Primary School


Year 1 Phonics Open Morning

Last week, parents spent the morning with their children learning phonics in their various groups. Parents observed and participated in a variety of activities including how to use ‘Fred talk’ to sound out unknown words and how to look for ‘special friends’ within words. Parents were shown how this supports reading and how it can be used as a spelling strategy.

The children were very keen to demonstrate their reading skills and we are all very proud of their achievements in reading and phonics this term.

This was what some of our parents said about our phonics open morning:

“I saw my child learning the ‘ure’ phonics sound. I like the idea of pinching the sounds of the word and will be using that at home” - Ayaan’s mum

“Great to watch my child looking at, listening to and then saying the sounds. A fast moving session but very enjoyable” – Laicee and Shainee’s mum

“Very helpful. At home I will try to work on those phonics books that the school sends home in the same way” – Tubaa’s mum.

“I observed my child this morning for the first time and it was good to see how well they are doing” Glenn’s mum.

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