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Curwen Primary School


Dance Performance 2016

On Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd December, children from Curwen Primary School performed in a show case of dances to their teachers, peers, parents and carers. This is the second year that they have been able to show off their dance moves to everyone. 5 groups performed a various range of dance routines, from contemporary to street dance. First up were year 4 with “Bring it!” and what a fantastic performance this was. They were popping and locking and throwing in some break dancing moves too! Next was year 6 with their incredible dance of “Ego”. They were street dancing dolls that had come to life. Safe to say it didn’t scare us!

After this we had year 3 with “Everybody dance now”. Everybody literally got up on their feet and danced the show away! Our forth group were our youngest of dancers, year two with “Step up”. The year twos was little Diversity in the making. With everything they have achieved over the last few weeks, it was amazing to see them dancing in style. Our last group that came on and whisked us away were the year fives with “Jack Blue Jack and Ju Ju On The Beat”. For the grand finale, everyone had learned the final routine, “Stop Drop”. With everyone on their feet and dancing along, it was a successful night of dancing! Well done to everyone who participated and thank you to everyone who came and supported us!

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