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Curwen Primary School


Spanish Visitors

Santa Clara visits Curwen

During the last Half Term, 36 Year 6 children from Santa Clara Primary visited Curwen Primary from the village Cuellar, in Segovia, Spain. They spent their time here, doing various activities planned, with children in KS2 from Curwen Primary School.

On Tuesday, all the children enjoyed a visit to West Ham park were they shared team building exercises and all participated in an energetic game of Cricket. The children worked together and were able to use their language and confidence gained to initiate their own activities such as gymnastics, dancing and football. These initiated team activities were a good basis for the children to get to know each other, make friendships and develop their language skills.

On Thursday, all children were introduced to “The Little Prince” story, using the ICT resources. Through the use of PowerPoint, the Spanish children were able to summarise this story in English and present to the pupils from Curwen. The children were able to use their Art and DT skills, using pipe cleaners and other media, to make the flower featured in the story. Their design activity also extended into the planning, designing and printing of their own T-shirts, their designs featured many Spanish influences such as the Spanish bull and flag.

After a packed programme of activities it was time for Curwen to say Adios to our new-found Spanish friends and Curwen pupils presented Santa Clara Primary with a Saint Georges flag signed by all the children.

We hope to be able to spend a few days at Santa Clara Primary in the future.

To find out more about Santa Clara please visit the their website. click here.  If you use google chrome to access the website you will be given the option to translate spanish into English as well as many other languages.

To view more picturs of the vent, please visit our gallery,  click here.