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Curwen Primary School


Nursery Autumn Big Outcome - Guru Nanak assembly

The children have been learning about various celebrations around the world, they were able to perform a virtual assembly to their parents and carers, celebrating Guru Nanak’s birthday.

They learnt that Guru Nanak was a teacher and a Sikh; they learnt which staff members were Sikh too! They learnt about what was important to the Sikhism religion the five K’s!

The children were also able to explore other religions, by listening to members of staff sharing what was important to them. The children were able to conclude the assembly with singing and playing instruments to Happy Birthday, which they thoroughly enjoyed!

The comments from the families were amazing and we were very proud of what the children had learned and showcased!

“Hello Teacher, the Nursery Zoom Assembly meeting was so wonderful and lovely. I almost teared up. It was lovely to see how the teacher put the interest and the happiness of the children at heart. It must not have been easy to put all of it together but it worst every moment as it was flawless. Thank you all so very much.”